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"Whether you are a new start-up or an already established online retailer - as a tax consultant for Amazon FBA, we take care of your complete financial accounting, including annual financial statements, advance sales tax returns and tax returns.

In doing so, we advise you in a proactive and individual manner, know all the tax requirements of the various fulfillment programs and accompany you holistically in cross-border online trade with Amazon as part of our all-in-one solution. Engage one of the best in business for your taxes."

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We know all the requirements of CEE, EFN & PAN-EU.


Supply threshold monitoring, OSS registration and advance VAT return - all from one source.

Smart APIs and individual accounting

Amazon invoices automated and processed correctly in terms of tax law in the digital tax office.


We understand your business

Amazon is one of the most popular trading platforms. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) opens up attractive opportunities to outsource sales, logistics and shipping to Amazon, thus accelerating, optimizing and selling across borders. However, commercial and tax matters are still up to the online retailer - or to his tax advisor. Put your tax matters in our experienced hands! Avoid all stumbling blocks and benefit from our knowledge and expertise in tax support for Amazon FBA.

Automated financial accounting
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Turnover tax issues and PAN-EU
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Sales thresholds & turnover tax options
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Competent registration abroad
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Tax optimisation by a specialist
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Merchandise planning and control systems
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FBA storage and sales abroad

Subject to your consent, Amazon may, in order to shorten delivery times and save storage costs, distribute your goods to existing logistics centers abroad and sell them locally. Already when the goods are shipped abroad, a sales tax registration must be provided in order to save unnecessary costs. The storage of goods is subject to VAT in each country. If the delivery threshold of €10,000 is exceeded, sales abroad are also subject to VAT. Registration for the OSS procedure can simplify matters.

Regardless of how, our tax experts will review your individual case and advise you in detail and individually on your options - always with the aim to minimize your tax burden.

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The all-in-one solution for e-commerce

Looking for the all-in-one solution for your successful e-commerce in Germany and Europe? We got it! No changing contact, no unreliable service providers or partner networks - with you get the all-in-one solution with only one tax consultant.

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Full service tax consultancy

Our basics

  • Digital tax office: Everything at a glance any time via app.
  • Digital bookkeeping: Everything at your fingertips in the cloud.
  • Annual report and tax returns: Clean solutions.
  • Personal contacts: For questions, tips and information.
  • Regular conversations: By phone or face to face.
  • Highest data security: Guaranteed by strong partners.
  • Tax consultancy change service: We’ll take care of it.
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Premium consulting

Our FBA team consists of superbly trained tax advisers, tax experts and qualified tax clerks. We “burn” for our clients and firmly believe: Quality prevails.


Reliable & time-efficient

We make things as easy as possible for you. To do that, we use our consulting expertise in addition to a wide range of software solutions that simplify your processes. Our goal is always to reduce your workload and provide you with the best possible, sustainable and reliable support.


Personal contacts

We are there for you. Your personal contact advises and supports you. By phone or face to face at our offices. Reliable, competent, and almost always cheerful.


Clear processes, quality assurance & enthusiastic clients

Automatic reminders, regular adjustment of tax prepayments, tax checks and competent contacts. This is how easy accounting and tax advice can be today.


Individual services

We know how to be individual! Our tax consulting team is complemented by software experts. With their help, we can create individual interface solutions for our clients if necessary. Modern and personal tax consultancy must be as flexible as life itself. We always provide exactly those services our clients need at the time.


Transparent cost structures

We don’t care for hidden costs. We communicate with you and inform you clearly and transparently about what our services cost.

Clear, comprehensible, transparent.

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