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Your tax consultancy for private individuals

"Don’t pay a cent more than you have to! Starting with tax returns for employees, all the way to complex tax returns with a need for individual consulting.  In addition to tax returns, we also advise you competently on your old-age pension and asset planning.”

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Tax return for private individuals

Your tax return - a pleasure or recurring, annoying chore? Either way, we’ll take care of it for you! Simply, professionally and with individual advice. You choose: at our offices or in our digital tax office. Apart from having your declarations done for you, you as a private person can also benefit from our consulting services. We show you where you stand financially and how your assets could develop assuming different scenarios. Let a professional take care of your tax return.


Our range of services for private individuals

  • Private tax returns
  • Tax planning, tax rate optimisation, tax organisation
  • Auditing tax statements and lodging appeals
  • Private tax planning
  • Advice on endowment and inheritance
  • Private and employer-sponsored old-age pension
  • Private asset planning
  • Advice on so-called tax saving models
  • Advice on changing primary residence
  • Advice on property purchases

Tax consulting can be so easy.

Starting with tax returns for employees all the way to complex tax returns with a need for individual consulting. We are there for you. 

Simple, time saving and reliable

We make things as easy as possible for you. You can have us prepare your private tax returns conveniently in the digital tax office. How it works: Simply answer the questions and upload your receipts. We’ll do the rest.

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