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This is steueragenten.de

We are inspired by the possibilities of the digital age. At the same time, we as experts know how complex tax issues can be. That is why we founded steueragenten.de. With an experienced team of excellent tax advisers, we offer our clients a smart solution at the highest level of expertise: digital tax consulting for modern entrepreneurs and freelancers. The combination of personal contact and our digital tax office brings to life first-rate tax consulting as it should be practised today.

Since our founding in Hamburg in 2010, we have been considered one of the shapers of the future of tax consultancy. Both Focus Money and the magazine Handelsblatt regularly include us in their lists of top tax consultancies. This is tax consulting by steueragenten.de: simple, digital.

Started: March 2010

Clients: 3.000+

Employees: 100+

Consulting: Anywhere in Germany

Managing Directors

Tax consultant
Patrick Frobeen

Managing Director


Before Patrick found his way to steueragenten.de, he worked for respected tax consultancies in Hamburg. He studied business management at Hamburg University and loves complex issues.

Tax consultant
Uwe Riediger

Managing Director & Founder


Prior to steueragenten.de, Uwe spent his time founding startups. He gained professional experience working for international business and tax consultancies.

Tax consultant
Catharina Jüttner

Managing Director


Catharina learned her trade from the ground up. Her career path led her from qualifying as a tax clerk to becoming a tax expert and finally passing the tax consultant’s examination. Accounting and annual reports are her passion.

How it all started

The story of

The story of steueragenten.de begins with a simple question: How much longer will clients be willing to tolerate and pay for outdated processes in their tax consulting? After our founder Uwe Riediger had gained initial professional experience with startups and in tax consulting, he realised that he was working in a technologically rather backward industry.

Digitalisation and service orientation often amounted to no more than lip service. Why were receipts still submitted in hanging files? Why were people sometimes talking about the distant past in protracted meetings? Because that’s how it had always been done, and because clients apparently didn’t mind paying for it.

Lots of tax consultants tried to increase their earnings by simply charging their clients higher hourly rates. Nobody thought about optimising processes. Small or financially weaker companies and startups were rather unpopular as clients. And yet, the founder of steueragenten.de found exactly those types of clients to be the most interesting.

The idea for steueragenten.de and the goal of making tax consulting simple and digital were born. Today, the steueragenten.de family is supporting well over three thousand clients. Since 2015, their specially developed software, the digital tax office, is being used by external tax offices with an incredible 60,000 and more clients.  When may we advise you?


Founding and beginnings in Hamburg.

The idea of providing tax consulting services via the internet was born. After initial startup experience and professional stepping stones, the freshly examined tax consultant Uwe Riediger founds steueragenten.de and works on the first version of today’s digital tax office every available minute of the day. In 2012, Patrick Frobeen joins the young company as its second Managing Director.

Building and expansion of the firm

steueragenten.de moves into a larger office in Hamburg’s Hafencity. The software is continuously developed, the team is growing steadily. The client pool is growing even faster. Time and again, the two Managing Directors find they have run out of space. The firm moves again within Hamburg, and opens another office in Berlin, where steueragenten.de dedicates itself entirely to the booming startup scene.

Two years after being founded, steueragenten.de is already ranked among the top tax consultancies by Focus Money. The firm is now completely digitised, so the first employees can start to work remotely.

The success story is growing its first offshoots

After the firm has welcomed its one-thousandth client in its fourth year, it establishes more branches in 2015. The ambitious tax consultant and steueragent since day one, Catharina Jüttner, takes on the position of Managing Director for the branch in Hanover. Also in 2015, the former IT unit of steueragenten.de is spun off into its own company. TrustStone Software GmbH is poised to keep developing the digital tax office with even more manpower and make it available to other tax consultancies.

All signs point toward growth

Over the next few years, the companies of the steueragenten.de family continue to expand. They successfully acquire new clients, while the number of employees also grows steadily. In early 2020, steueragenten.de consists of more than 50 associates working toward their common vision of combining digitalisation and tax consulting.


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