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This is steueragenten.de

We are inspired by the possibilities of the digital age. At the same time, we as experts know how complex tax issues can be. That is why we founded steueragenten.de. With an experienced team of excellent tax advisers, we offer our clients a smart solution at the highest level of expertise: digital tax consulting for modern entrepreneurs and freelancers. The combination of personal contact and our digital tax office brings to life first-rate tax consulting as it should be practised today.

Since our founding in Hamburg in 2010, we have been considered one of the shapers of the future of tax consultancy. Both Focus Money and the magazine Handelsblatt regularly include us in their lists of top tax consultancies. This is tax consulting by steueragenten.de: simple, digital.

Started: April 2010

Clients: 3.500+

Employees: 100+

Consulting: Anywhere in Germany

3.500+ clients love steueragenten.de


"The team at steueragenten.de always helps us very pragmatically, quickly and kindly. Even difficult issues are solved and explained very well. Recommended for every start-up and SME!"

Andreas Bermig

Co-Founder, Forteil GmbH

Gil Lang

"Many thanks for the reliable, friendly and fast cooperation over the last few years. Modern and with passion."

Gil Lang

CEO, InnoNature GmbH

Gabriele Weber Jaric

"I don't know how many incompetent tax consulting firms I had to go through before I finally ended up at steueragenten.de."

Gabriele Weber-Jaric


Jump House

"Our contacts are available to us at all times and always support us in a committed and solution-oriented manner."

André Jensen

Head of Accounting, JUMP House Holding GmbH

Osamah Aldoaiss

"I have been working with steueragenten.de for 12 months. All messages are processed as quickly as possible. Definitely worth recommending."

Osamah Aldoaiss


Matthias Janik

"Top tax advice. Super service for all questions. Uncomplicated and fast."

Matthias Janik

CEO, mt.vents UG

Nordmann Bremsen GmbH

"I have been working with steueragenten.de for years: reliable, modern, uncomplicated and customer-oriented. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much."

Thomas Löwe

CEO, Nordmann Bremsen GmbH


"Uncomplicated digital collaboration, friendly contacts and always helpful with any questions."

Marion Koslowski

CEO, medienkurbel

HSE Waller

"I have been working as a freelancer with steueragenten.de for over two years and am very satisfied. Keep up the good work!"

Thomas Waller


Lazy Investors

"Here you get "unagitated", objective advice. The super-competent bookkeeping should be emphasized. The digital filing system works brilliantly!"

Dr. Anna Terschüren

CEO, Rolling Average GmbH

Our consulting focus


We offer the all-in-one solution for large & small online retailers. Automation, accounting, European reporting and tax advice from a single source. We also provide advice on online stores, online retail and special topics such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA and multichannel solutions.


The SME team supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), usually for many years, in all tax-related issues and problems.
What sets us apart: Digital collaboration and personal advice from dedicated contacts.


Our many years of experience in supporting freelancers spans a wide range of industries - from doctors and artists to freelancers in the IT sector.



Trading GmbHs and holding companies

Tailor-made solutions for traders. We also offer tax consulting services tailored to the individual requirements of clients with asset management or holding companies.

VAT compliance

Our specialized VAT compliance team supports e-commerce companies of all sizes in complying with VAT requirements within the European Union.

Managing Directors

Tax consultant
Patrick Frobeen


Before Patrick found his way to steueragenten.de, he earned his living at renowned Hamburg tax consulting firms. He studied business administration at the University of Hamburg and loves complex issues.

Tax consultant
Uwe Riediger

CEO & Founder

Before steueragenten.de, Uwe spent his time founding start-up companies. He gained professional experience at international business and tax consulting firms.

Tax consultant
Catharina Jüttner


Catharina learned her trade from the ground up. Her path led her from training as a tax clerk to becoming a tax consultant. She is passionate about bookkeeping and annual financial statements.

Tax consultant
Benjamin Aspacher


The passionate surfer and world traveler has headed the trading team within the steueragenten.de Group since 2020. Trading GmbHs, holding companies and cryptocurrencies are his specialty.

How it all started

The story of

The story of steueragenten.de begins with a simple question: How much longer will clients be willing to tolerate and pay for outdated processes in their tax consulting? After our founder Uwe Riediger had gained initial professional experience with startups and in tax consulting, he realised that he was working in a technologically rather backward industry.

Digitalisation and service orientation often amounted to no more than lip service. Why were receipts still submitted in hanging files? Why were people sometimes talking about the distant past in protracted meetings? Because that’s how it had always been done, and because clients apparently didn’t mind paying for it.

Lots of tax consultants tried to increase their earnings by simply charging their clients higher hourly rates. Nobody thought about optimising processes. Small or financially weaker companies and startups were rather unpopular as clients. And yet, the founder of steueragenten.de found exactly those types of clients to be the most interesting.

The idea for steueragenten.de and the goal of making tax consulting simple and digital were born. Today, the steueragenten.de family is supporting well over three thousand clients. Since 2015, their specially developed software, the digital tax office, is being used by external tax offices with an incredible 60,000 and more clients.  When may we advise you?

We do even more

The family of steueragenten.de

Originally developed specifically for our clients, kanzlei.land is now one of the leading client platforms for tax firms in Germany.

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As of now, moonlaw GmbH will be available to our clients as a partner for corporate and employment law issues. Competent and, as always, digital.

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Our expertise in European VAT management for e-commerce companies is also available to external tax firms and companies through tax.fish.

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Did you know ...?

... this year, steueragenten.de was named a top tax firm by Focus-Money for the tenth time and a top employer by FOCUS for the second time?

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Our review of 13 years of company history

Milestones of steueragenten.de


Founding and beginnings in Hamburg

The idea of providing tax consulting services via the internet was born. After initial startup experience and professional stepping stones, the freshly examined tax consultant Uwe Riediger founds steueragenten.de and works on the first version of today’s digital tax office every available minute of the day. In 2012, Patrick Frobeen joins the young company as its second Managing Director.

Building and expansion of the firm

steueragenten.de moves into a larger office in Hamburg’s Hafencity. The software is continuously developed, the team is growing steadily. The client pool is growing even faster. Time and again, the two Managing Directors find they have run out of space. The firm moves again within Hamburg, and opens another office in Berlin, where steueragenten.de dedicates itself entirely to the booming startup scene.

Two years after being founded, steueragenten.de is already ranked among the top tax consultancies by Focus Money. The firm is now completely digitised, so the first employees can start to work remotely.

The success story is growing its first offshoots

After the firm has welcomed its one-thousandth client in its fourth year, it establishes more branches in 2015. The ambitious tax consultant and steueragent since day one, Catharina Jüttner, takes on the position of Managing Director for the branch in Hanover. Also in 2015, the former IT unit of steueragenten.de is spun off into its own company. TrustStone Software GmbH is poised to keep developing the digital tax office with even more manpower and make it available to other tax consultancies.

All signs point toward growth

Over the next few years, the companies of the steueragenten.de family continue to expand. They successfully acquire new clients, while the number of employees also grows steadily. In early 2020, steueragenten.de consists of more than 50 associates working toward their common vision of combining digitalisation and tax consulting.

The corona pandemic

While other players are struggling to meet the new challenges posed by the pandemic, mobile working has long been a reality at steueragenten.de. All services and a high level of quality were ensured at all times - and the company was able to focus on expanding its consulting services in the areas of finance, strategy and digitalization as well as the all-in-one solution in the area of e-commerce. In order not to lose sight of each other completely, the team of now over 100 tax agents is particularly looking forward to regular team events!

Since 2023


New digital partners

Just in time for the turn of the year, our partner moonlaw GmbH is launching, which will support clients of steueragenten.de with legal issues, especially in the areas of labor and corporate law.

Questions to the management of

Hello everyone! steueragenten.de has been a fixture in the modern tax world for over 10 years now - there have certainly been ups and downs along the way. What do you think has been your biggest challenge so far and what other challenges do you expect for the company in the coming years?

Patrick: Our biggest challenge was and is to find the right colleagues for our company and to inspire them in the long term. In addition to the professional requirements that are simply essential in our job, we also need to have the right people skills. We maintain a friendly, collegial tone both among ourselves and with our clients. You have to like that, you either fit in or you don't.

Benni: I see a wave of change rolling towards our industry and us in particular. Keywords such as automation and AI should be mentioned here. We are already feeling the impact on our daily activities. The exciting question I ask myself is how we can benefit from these changes and what our workplace in tax consulting will look like in the future. We have always tried to be very active in technical matters. The pessimists in our industry are already predicting the imminent end of our profession. We see things differently and, on the contrary, assume that we will continue to have our hands full as a tax consultancy in the future. And we are looking forward to that.

What developments within the company are you particularly proud of?

Uwe: To see the current version of our initially rather shirt-sleeved client portal, which we put a lot of time and passion into back then, and to know that over 70,000 clients are now working with it and benefiting from our processes. I think that's pretty good!

Patrick: Clearly our all-in-one solution in the e-commerce sector. I think we are at the forefront of this throughout Germany. I regularly hear the statement "Really, that exists? If only I had known that earlier ...". That shows me that we are doing some things right.

What characterizes your management style?

Catharina: Honest, binding and at eye level.

How do you coordinate with each other?

Not at all 😊... just kidding, we meet very regularly to discuss strategic and operational issues. However, there are no fixed dates.

What principles are an integral part of your corporate philosophy?

Catharina: At the risk of sounding a little trite, I associate sincerity, dedication and commitment with our philosophy of "making clients happy".

Keyword home office: What opportunities and risks do you see in this development?

Uwe: As a remote tax company, we have already gained a lot of experience with this type of work, and not just since coronavirus. What is the ideal way of working for some can also be disastrous for others. If you want to work successfully and sustainably from home, you need to be well equipped, well organized and focused. In my opinion, the social environment should also not be neglected, as personal contacts are naturally lost through work. As far as employees are concerned, we also see the risk that the clear separation of professional and private time must be well managed. We also help our tax agents with our mental health program, among other things.

Nevertheless, working from home offers so many more opportunities and possibilities for everyone involved. We are sticking with the model for the foreseeable future and are trying to make the best possible use of what we have learned and further develop the model.

Where do you see steueragenten.de in the future?

Patrick: We want to be and remain a leading player in the German tax consulting market. Over the next ten years, we plan to strongly diversify our consulting services.

Great, thank you very much for the honest words and your time for the interview!

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