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VAT compliance in Italy


Tax registration in Italy

Do you store goods in Italy? Or do you sell goods by mail order to Italy and exceed the turnover threshold? Then you are obligated to register for tax purposes in Italy.

As part of our all-in-one solution, we take care of the entire registration process and apply for your italian VAT ID number. In addition, we submit advance VAT returns, prepare tax returns, communicate with the authorities and answer any questions you may have.

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Basics - Services

Tax registration

  • Cloud platform including document archive
  • Application for VAT ID
  • Support with ongoing tax obligations
  • Personal contact for all questions
  • Assistance with required documents and records
  • Preparation of monthly advance VAT returns
  • Preparation of annual VAT return

Common services - VAT compliance

Tax registration in Italy

500€ one time

Tax registration in Italy including a contact person for questions during the registration process:

  • Application for VAT identification number (VAT ID) Italy
  • Personal contact
  • Support for required documents
  • Access to our digital tax office (cloud platform)

Ongoing support

79€ monthly (not dependent on turnover)

Ongoing support for e-commerce companies on VAT compliance in Italy:

  • Contact for queries from italian authorities
  • Monthly or quarterly advance VAT returns
  • Annual sales tax return
  • Contact for questions
  • Access to our digital tax office (cloud platform)

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Frequently asked questions

When do I have to register in the Italy?
  • Do you store goods in Italy?
  • Do you sell goods in Italy and exceed the turnover threshold of 10,000€?
  • Do you receive a logistics service offer from Amazon, such as the Central Europe (CEE) program?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, tax registration in Italy is mandatory.

For Amazon's PAN-EU fulfillment program, please note the following: By participating in the PAN-EU FBA program, you authorize Amazon to store your goods in Italy. This does not require any further approval on your part, Amazon acts independently within the PAN-EU program. Therefore, if you are part of Amazon's PAN-EU FBA program, you must register for VAT in Italy.

Do I have to register in Italy when I join the OSS program?

No. Here, the threshold of 10,000€ no longer applies. Instead, the sales tax is paid once to the domestic (German) tax office. This distributes the taxes with the country-specific VAT rates to the foreign tax offices, in this case to the Italian tax office with the Italian tax rate. This means that VAT registration in Italy is no longer required.

Registration for the OSS procedure is particularly advisable for companies that have higher distance sales to European countries and exceed the turnover threshold of 10,000€. Our tax experts are always available to assist you in registering for the OSS procedure.

For smaller companies it is worthwhile to pay attention to the individual case, as the VAT rates in Italy are higher than in Germany. We advise you in detail and individually on all VAT questions and problems - always with the aim of minimizing your tax load.

What documents are required for tax registration in Italy?
  • VAT certificate
  • Industry classification form
  • Intra-Community deliveries must be registered
  • Further declarations
  • Audited company accounts
  • If necessary, power of attorney of the legal representative in Italy
What do I need to consider when making an intra-Community transfer?

Anyone who transfers goods from Germany to another EU country - in this case Italy - must first declare an intra-Community transfer. Normally, the transfer is tax-free. However, this is only the case if the VAT registration in the transferred country takes place, for example, before the CEE program is activated. Goods can only be transferred to Italy without tax risks if they have the local VAT ID number (Il numero di registrazione IVA, in short P. IVA.).

For what do I need the VAT ID in Italy?

With the Italian VAT ID, your goods and services transactions in Europe are clearly assigned to your company. The Italian VAT number is called Numero Partita I.V.A. and is shortened to P. IVA.

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