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How do I change tax consultants?

Changing tax consultants

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If you no longer fully trust your tax consultant, you should think about switching to a new firm. Some common reasons why entrepreneurs and freelancers change tax consultants are:

  • They have unexpectedly high back payments
  • The chemistry is no longer right
  • Too much paperwork
  • Poor availability
  • Not specialised in the client’s business
  • Tax advisor fails at representing them in court

According to Section 627 of the German Civil Code, a client can cancel their mandate with a tax advisor at any time without prior notice, unless they have established a long-term contract; in that case, they may have to adhere to the agreement. Your contract with can be severed any time by either side.

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Your switch to

1st Step


You can switch to anytime. We make sure that the time of the change makes sense. That avoids additional costs to you resulting from certain consulting services having to be repeated. Send us an inquiry.

2nd Step

Power of attorney

You have decided to switch to We will gladly assist you with changing tax consultants. As a next step, we need you to grant us power of attorney with the financial authorities, and we need your master data for our first consultation.

3rd Step

Let’s get started

We contact your current tax consultant and arrange a simple and trouble-free takeover. Your previous tax consultant is obligated to hand off all of your documentation in a timely manner as soon as you have paid all outstanding invoices. And that’s it; we are ready to support you.

What documentation do we need?

Your personal contact at is brought up to speed during an initial meeting. He will need, among other things, your balances of the last three years, your complete accounting of the current business year, annual reports, account statements, GDPdU files, business analyses, totals and debits lists, and your staff list.

Who takes care of the tax consultant changeover with the financial authority?

The financial authority must be informed of the change of tax consultant. We take care of it for you as soon as you grant us power of attorney to do so. If there are any outstanding debts and a deadline cannot be met, we can apply for an extension.

When is the best time to change tax consultants?

The best time to change tax consultants is when your previous tax consultant is not working on any important tasks for you, such as your annual report or tax return. This prevents any of those tasks being done twice and also billed twice. We believe: There is always a solution. No matter what the situation.

How do I find a good tax consultant?

Apart from your intuition and a first impression, a few other factors are important when choosing a good tax consultant. Ideally, the new tax advisor takes time out in the beginning to get to know you and your tax challenges. Also, he should always be up to date and well informed about new tax options or changes. In addition, he should not bill you for every little phone call.

The question of how you can find a good tax consultant is best answered by another question: What do you need?

  • Industry focus and legal form: Specialised in your area?
  • Type of cooperation: Classic or digital?
  • Costs: Transparent and individual or package deals?
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Our consulting promise to you if you are ready to make the change


Individual services

We know how to be individual! Our tax consulting team is complemented by software experts. This enables us to create individual interface solutions for our clients if necessary. Modern and personal tax consultancy has to be as flexible as life itself.


Time saving and reliable

We make things as easy as possible for you. To do that, we use our consulting expertise in addition to a wide range of software solutions that simplify your processes. Our goal is always to reduce your workload and provide you with the best possible, sustainable and reliable support.


Premium consulting

Our tax team consists of superbly trained tax advisers, tax experts and qualified tax clerks. We “burn” for our clients and firmly believe: Quality prevails!


Enthusiastic clients

Automatic reminders, regular adjustment of tax prepayments, tax checks and competent contacts. This is how easy accounting and tax advice can be today.


Transparent cost structures

We don’t care for hidden costs. We communicate with you and inform you clearly and transparently about what our services cost.


Personal contacts

We are there for you. Your personal contact advises and supports you. By phone or face to face at our offices. Reliable, competent, and almost always cheerful.

Clear, comprehensible, transparent.

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